Friday, November 10, 2006

Yes. Yes, I am crazy.

“Whoever said, 'It's not whether you win or lose that counts.' probably lost.”
Mary Ashton Livermore (1820-1905)
I have tried to upload a photograph to blogger twice tonight (this morning!) to no avail. I love words like "avail", btw, they're just so cool. Anyway. Yeah. I have proof that I did (indeed) cast on the Dalebarn Sweater of Doom. Due to several complications, I ended up casting on D's size 8/10 instead of the baby version first. I think I should get a gold star or extra brownie points or something for this. (the sacrifices I make for democracy)

Seriously. Do you know how many stitches I had to cast on?

I suggest you take a deep breath and sit down before I tell you the number. You read on at your own risk. How many stitches? 365. Three-hundred and sixty-five stitches. My mind boggles at this number, frankly. And, hahaha, this is all because the pattern calls for a 1/3 total decrease (ending up with a total of 245 stitches on the SECOND row) that the CO # is so bloody high for a child's sweater. The gauge is 7 sts/ inch, which is nothing - so, 365 stitches (one for every day of the year!) did seem a bit much. To me.

I mean, yes. Yes, I am crazy. (Laura asked.) I know I'm crazy, and have for some time, but honestly doesn't 365 seem like an awfully high number for a 6-year-old boy's sweater??

But (deep breath) I did it. I sat through FOUR episodes of The X-Files (I'm a bit manic right now, could you tell?) as I cast on, made sure I hadn't twisted the stitches (no mean feat on a 16" INOX, which are needles I do NOT endorse, ever ever again), joined the stitches in the round, decreased, and started the ribbing. *twitch*

Blogger better upload this photo now...

... and it did. It must have sensed it's impending peril should it have failed.

And, look!, you can see Scully giving the sweater cast on an incredulous look, too. I am vindicated. Also in the background you can see my spinning wheel and the bobbin full of baby alpaca I'm spinning (need to put that on the sidebar too) for that hoodie I mentioned ... err, months(?) ago. Yeah. I think I last pulled it out in... err... July.

So, yes. I cast on as soon as I saw Anderson Cooper interviewing Webb (the Senator from Virginia) about his win. I am clearly insane, but that is beside the point.

Coincidentally, I have a review for everyone who wants one. INOX needles SUCK for small gauge projects *twitch*. I'm sure it wouldn't have taken me as long to CO if I had just used my Addi's in the first place. I switched to the 2.5 mm Addi's in the second row - after placing half of both Nile socks on another circular (an INOX, eugh) because I was developing a tick, I swear. The yarn kept snagging on the INOX's and refusing to budge. And, at first I thought it was because I maybe had cast on too tightly.


It was the needles. Once I switched to the Addi's the knitting flew. So, yeah, now I have to go and get a 3 mm Addi tomorrow (or sometime in the foreseable future) so I can continue with the colourwork. Make that 91 pairs of knitting needles. Well, maybe 89, because I'm not seeing the point of keeping the INOX pairs I bought specifically for these sweaters in the first place.

*twitches again*

I think I'm going to go lie down now, it's 3:32 am. I'm tired, and I kept my promise. Oh! And I loved Y's suggestion. A felted bag it shall be. Thanks!

Oh, wait, two more reviews:
  1. "Millions" is the sweetest movie I've seen in a long time, and it actually made ME cry (something nigh impossible, I swear) - Mum and I got so sucked into it that we didn't start dinner until 8:30. The boys were not pleased.
  2. And, I love my little Norwegian thimble I got at Walmart (yes, I know they're evil, but it's a really cool gizmo for colourwork). It cost, like, $3 and is quite spiffy, I'd recommend trying it just for fun anyway.
So, now that's it. Ta-ta.

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