Wednesday, September 13, 2006

swapping = love

It's true. It totally does. Swapping affords you the opportunity to make something for a total stranger that you'll know they'll love (if you've done your research, anyway) and to recieve something handmade in return.

It's very karmic, I suppose. I've become quite addicted to craft swaps in the past year, I blame this on Craftster, and it breaks my heart to have to take a break from swapping (esp with a Miyazaki Swap coming up *moan*). But, once I finish all my friends-and-family's gifts and such, I might just let myself swap again. It's so much fun. To illustrate this point, I direct you to exhibit A, my IYP3 Swap package from deepfriedkids...

Which made me "squee!" and bounce in place for awhile. This was deepfriedkids first swap, and I think she did a great job. She made me an armor!Al (from Fullmetal Alchemist) plushy pillow - which was on my wists! - a 'KNIT' journal, and a pair of 'knitting is cool' sandals. The plushy-Al pillow totally made my day, I have to admit, since I cuddled it for, like, 1o minutes or so after opening the box...

Of course, to give the realm of swapping a balanced review, I have to admit that I still have recieved no word from my IYP2 Swap partner. The organizer is on top of this and has suggested an angel twice - I had been giving my partner the benefit of the doubt (she got married during the swap and went on honeymoon during the send-out period) but am starting to give up hope. And then, of course, there was the POTC Swap. So... yeah. The joke "every silver lining has a cloud" fits the situation well, I think ;)

But, overall, in my experience swapping has been exciting and very satisfying. And while I am now on a self-imposed swapping moratorium, I can take comfort in the fact that I have converted others to the joy of swapping (even if my family still thinks I'm crazy). I can live vicariously through my swapping friends for the next couple of months.

... and order lots of yarn from Knit Picks, just so I'll keep getting packages in the mail ;D


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