Saturday, September 09, 2006

peeling my eyelids apart

Oy, I've forgotten what I was going to write. The family has taken to staying up until past 2 am every night, because Mum usually doesn't get off of work until nearly midnight. Makes waking up early, or at any decent hour, impossible. I feel so strangely off-schedule.

But, a positive result of such later hours is that I have 6 inches of foot done on the sox. Just another 1.5" before I can shape the toes. Maybe I can get those done tonight. I am allowed to delude myself all I want.

Oh! Peace Corps! I talked to my advisor yesterday and I am now officially nominated for a position! I've chosen/ been nominated for a Spanish-speaking Sub-Saharan (African) country; to teach English as a foreign language, HIV awareness, and environmetalism. If I pass the physicals and am determined acceptable or whatever, I'll leave in Sept '07. Pretty cool. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. My advisor, N, suggested I get some tutoring/ work experience in before hand. Specifically of a Spanish-speaking nature. So... yeah. Need to contact St Vinny's now.

Oh, Laura, I'm trying to make it to Shrewsbury! But, it's so hard to get a ride! I'll try Emmos tonite. Maybe M and I can sound reallyreally pathetic... You are forewarned, Emmos.

In Craft Center News, I am completely and utterly doomed. There are three workshops I want to take - weaving reversible rag rugs, natural dyeing, and felted Norwegian boots. I can't even consider the cost right now. Bleh.

I should go and fold laundry... it just buzzed at me.

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