Monday, June 26, 2006

non plus chocolat

Lemme see. Scheduled a phone interview with the Peace Corps today. Knit a bunch - picked the Dalebarn set back up and finished off the first 1/2 of the swatch, cast on the rose garden tank again with a better and simpler plan (pix later) and cleaned up a bit.

Made beans and rice for dinner. I fully understand the love of such food in hot countries now, as it was 98 F today, hothothot. But, I shan't complain, because I've missed the sun so terribly.

I went to Madame DeFarge's tonite with Emmos and we both agreed it was a bit... lowkey. But, I took pix...

Emmos knitting her snowdrop shawl - a birthday prezzie for her granny:

A shot of the shawl:

The Madames Defarge:

And Les Mademoiselles:

That's about it. I have 10 inches of the obi-part of the tank done (don;t ask). Anyway, onto my email (wince), I'm making progress slowly getting thru it all...

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