Monday, June 19, 2006

6.8 oz of progress

Here's my achievement for the day:

6.8 oz of handpainted 50% superwash/ 49% alpaca/ 1% angora yarn

Only ... er, 26 oz to go. Right. I've started on two more bobbins of the superwash and alpaca/ angora blend to ply. Maybe I'll get this stuff all spun up in a week or two. I can delude myself if I want. I'm thinking I want to make Tubey. I've wanted to try it for a while, and this yarn seems like it'd be great for a close-fitting sweater.

Because of my handspinning affixiation, I nearly ruined dinner. Oops. Emms didn't complain - good thing, too, cuz I'd have killed him. The boy can barely make a sandwich, it just pisses me off when he complains about someone else's cooking. It didn't help that Mum and Dad absconded with the ground beef, I was going to make hamburgers - so I had to switch gears and make a very titchy steak. It stayed cherry red for, like, 10 mins. But, the moment I chose to put the fries and broccoli on the table, it scorched. Little bastard.

Anyway, moving on.

I sent off 3 resumes today (actually, I put them in the mailbox) and arranged an interview for Wed morning. Lucky ducky me. I now have to figure out a way to get to Willakenzie road by 9 am.

I also edited my Peace Corps app. I'm letting it sit for a day or two, before I come back and edit/ submit it. I'm trying to be level-headed about it, but I dunno. Seems like I'm screwwed no matter what.

Oh! Avian Flight said she'd be happy with just one pair of sox and a pair of mittens/ or armwarmers. So, I'm thinking a funky, more intensively knit, pair of sox and super-soft mittens along with a knit owl surprise, maybe with some other surprises. How's that sound? I'm going to go shopping for sock yarn/ wool for sox at BSG and then make the mittens, owl, and surprise from my stash (I have got tons of different fibers here) - unfortunately, the only superwash I have is pink, blue and purple - and AV's two least fav colours are pink and purple ;) (ahwell, more for me!)

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