Thursday, June 15, 2006

a tea party

and who but my Lady Greensleeves?

Sorry. Couldn't resist. Black More's Night's version is playing currently. And, look, J (our wonderful GTF) is dancing in her Deco green silk dress! Also, L in her finished corset and J-mie photographing their finishing joy.

Today was the final evaluation for Costume Construction. I got an A on my robes, Puck's trousers, and for the term. Yay!

I don't know what the other students got, but I'm guessing they did well. Well, most of them. Some of the girls couldn't finish for various reasons (co-workers got sick and they had to pull overtime in finals week! oh, pobre ellas!). I felt really bad for them. But, I think Prof B was understanding about it. Esp since they had all attempted to make corsets in 3 weeks. Not an easy task.

Speaking of corsets... here's D in her pinstriped one (unfinished) and J in his haute couture Hawaii-esque shirt:

Look!, he even matched up the pattern on the front. The man's insane.

Here's most of the group in their projects...

They look ab fab, don't they? Two bias-cut gowns and two corsets (one's even silk!).

Lemme see. I'm currently taking a break from finishing up my robes. No, I didn't finish on time. I would have been fricking amazed if I had. Not even possible. I still got an A, tho ;)

The family (and I) went to see X3 tonight. I actually enjoyed it more the 2nd time, I noticed so much more. Magneto DID recover his powers! He did! He did, he did, he did! (I can't remember who I argued with over this). But, he DID managed to tip the rook at the end. Aha!

Anyway. Mum and I went grad dress shopping after. And while finding the right dress didn't happen, I DID manage to find the naughtiest little black dress (on sale!), which I snatched immediately. I had no idea I could look that good sans corset. And it's a size 12! I haven't been a size 12 since I was... err, 16?

That made my night. Just had to share.

Finally, I have a little black dress to wear again. My last one disappeared a while ago. Now, I'm fully stocked in the wardrobe dept.

I need to get back to work on my robes. I guess I should find a movie to watch...

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