Tuesday, June 13, 2006

learning to stop

Did you know that purple is not a spectral colour (... red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)? It's a hybrid of red and blue light. How funny, don't you think? But, somehow it manages to exist. I remember this because today was my PHYS final. I took it in a record fifteen minutes. In my defense, there were only 25 questions and I did quite well I think. My ANTH final, however, took me an hour of agony to finish. But, I barely passed that one and am thus content.

Anyway. Tonight was full of violets, which is a spectral colour:

The sleeves for my grad robes (the lining is hiding under them, how fitting), the yarn for the Tempting II KAL (which arrived earlier), and my now WEARABLE grad robes! Yes!, wearable. The pleats are fully attached, the basting is removed, and I am currently attaching the bindings and preparing to attach the decorative trims. Whoopie.

The title of this post refers to my new understanding of Fate. Obviously, if I am not meant to do something (either at that moment, or ever) it will become apparent by my inability to do said activity. Last night, I nearly killed the sewing machine and my corset, and thus stopped (as ordered by Fata). Tonight, I managed to get an hour's work into the corset before it misbehaved (clearly conspiring with the machine). I stopped on it and switched gears. So, when I went to work on my robe sleeves, the machine went back to behaving and the fabric was gracious.

It is becoming apparent to me that my projects are who really dictate the progress of my work, as decided by Fate.

Oh, Mum came home tonight. Dad made tacos. I saw my brother for all of 5 mins. World of Warcraft now owns his soul.

My LING final is tmrw at 10:15. Mum has promised to take me decorative trim shopping for the robes after. Then, I shall return to the Dungeon and finish my robes!

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