Monday, April 24, 2006

quack, quack, quack

I am so sleepy! I stayed up a little too late finishing the i-cord on my snowdrop shawl. I'm going to start the lace edging tonight.

I can't remember what I was going to post now. Errr.

Oh, yeah (twitch), Puck's trousers. I got to see the cloth I'll be making the "fur" out of today. In fact, I even got to touch and cut it. Woe is me. There are two main fabrics - a shiny black stretch knit, and a sheer and whispy and slinky (I mean angel's whisper whispy) stretchy black cloth (so, maybe not angelic, then).

I had such a fun time cutting out the practice pieces to make the fur (twitches again). At 4 o'clock (my class ends at 2), I finally made myself put the pieces down and walk away. FAR away. And then I let myself take a nap.

I just checked my Craftster account, and look what I recieved! My Ancient Cultures Swap Partner's info (sans personal stuff, OC):
Name of swap:ancient cultures swap
Craftster username:CosmicCranberry
What is your favorite ancient culture?: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Ancient Persia
What do you like about your chosen ancient culture?: The Folklore, the social hierarchy, the art
What don't you like?: the wars and women had no rights
Are there any particular symbols/gods/pictographs you like?: maybe stuff about the kings and the social hierarchy
Any you don't like?: no
What kind of items would be on your "wishlist?": replicas of the clothing or jewelry, a breif history of the kings
What kind of items would you not like to recieve?: no gods or religious items, except in the case of ancient israel
What are your favorite colors?; purple, blue
What colors do you like least?: brown, black
OMG. Ancient Egypt, Israel, and Persia. How easy is that for me? A Jewish Classics major, who worships Egyptian textiles. This is, like, far too easy. I have sooooo many ideas. Just, too many. I'm really in a jewelry mood. So, I'm thinking ancient-style jewelry, maybe a Persian style bag, and a book. Maybe. Cuz, I dunno if Cranberry is aware of my public quacking ;)

Onto the knitting! (oh, an dinner)

& Quack
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