Monday, April 17, 2006

decisions, decisions

Okay, in Costume Construction, we're doing a mini-workshop series on millinery. We're all supposed to make a flat-topped hat that we'd use/ wear. I want to make a Regency bonnet - but, like, a modernized and very cool one. So, if you know of any good bonnet pix or patterns online, please send 'em my way (I'll love you forever). I've already got the top cut out of the base material and wired. Need to find some cloth to use... I have tons.

Actually, I'm leaning towards something looking like this:

or this:

Oh, I just found the best website for personal reference: Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion

And, Emms and I came up with ANOTHER final project for me in costume construction... my graduation robes! (slash practical coat/ cool costume)

As for the shell, I'm about to start the bodice and in the middle of a personal style crisis - stockinette and shaped or draped fan?? Decisions, decisions.

On the PNW shawl, I'm onto 7 snowdrops (woohoo!), and I may have come up with an edging alternative, Vonnie - that won't give either of us hives ;D

Oh, and I shipped my Princess Bride swap packages today. No, I did not take pictures (sorry, my camera batteries were dead and I couldn't find any more), so we'll just have to wait for the recipients to take some shots (hopefully).

Onto the pharmacy and bank. Am I forgetting any errands?

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