Monday, February 27, 2006


(Stolen from the KO blog, I'm feeling lazy tonight, you wanna make something of it??)

Well, I certainly didn't finish, between midterms and an insane student government that is crazier than our national system. No, I am not joking - they are second only to Italy in "the most ineffecient government ever" competition... (well, maybe Russia is in there somewhere)
No Gold for me: Maybe Silver?
Yes, I know there isn't any silver, but one could hope. I still have about 3/4 of a sleeve to get done and blocking. This week was far more busy than I thought it would be. I would have been just fine but a pipe broke in our house and I lost 2 precious days of full time knitting to the repair there of. I will probably be completely finished by tomorrow, which isn't too bad considering that my LYS is going to group on Weds. So as long as I am done by then all will be good. Good luck to everyone that is left. I am so happy for all of those that could finish!

posted by Lavendersheep at 10:20 AM

Darling, once Steph has posted the Gold Medal button, I shall make you a Silver one!

And a Bronze for myself, I got 1.5 of my 3 hats done - pathetic, non? Maybe that I ripped out my Mum's sweater 3 times (and re-cast on 2x) had something to do with my lack of success. And then changing my goal in the middle might have set me back. Possibly.

But, then, neither did most of our UO competitors finish. Only Mika and Emily finished today, and both of their projects were HUGE. Emily's coming over on Saturday to felt her sweater down. Yes, felt it down. And Mika's baby hat was big enough to fit her, eeek. So, we decided gift packs were in order to salve our knit wounds.

To be perfectly honest, I think that we all should be lauded and applauded for trying, (and not just because it sucks to fail, but because trying something challenging is an accomplishment in itself). But, definitely the finishers are a higher class of knitter. Be proud!

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