Sunday, February 19, 2006

a finished object!

My first finished knit object in ... weeks. My "femm watchcap". I based it off of those really sleek little, up-turned cloches flappers wore during the day. If you've seen Cold Comfort Farm, and remember Kate Beckinsale? That's it.

While I may not the idealized flapper type, I still like my cap, it keeps my ears and neck warm, while not falling into my eyes.

I used a single ball of Nashua DK single ply, 75/25 wool/alpaca... I think. I can't find the little tag. But it's very soft and fluffy. I did 1x1 cables every other rib. Sorry I look drugged in the photo, it was the only one I wasn't flinching from the flash.

How did this miracle happen? It's so annoyingly funny. My student Guild has meetings every Sunday from 1 - 4. Normally (every single time) I end up teaching the newer knitters and get nothing done. But, today? No new knitters. No beginners with problems. I had to help one person. I'm stunned. If I had brought in my sweater to work on, I'd have had my usual half dozen. It's like carrying an umbrella to prevent rain, I swear.

So. Emily and I went out for lunch. We went to Taste of India, which is supposed to be "the best Indian restaraunt in town." yeah. It was okay. I've had better. I think I'll stick to Shaanti from now on. We then went to the meeting, expecting to be overrun and get NO knitting done. Quite the opposite. And then we stayed a little late, so I could finish my cap.

Then we ran to Costco for Em to grab some chicken and OfficeMax for me to grab the necessities for our Knitting Olympics prize giving next Sunday. Did I mention I also have to organize that? And the prizes? Yeah, I don't ever overschedule myself at all.

We got a pizza, ate it, Emily left, and here I am. I actually feel like I achieved something today. Even if I didn't manage to get any homework done (that's what I have the next 3 hours for...). I need to edit my course project and scan some Livy.


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