Saturday, February 25, 2006


I WILL NOT cast on. Repeat with me: "I will not cast on."

Okay. Maybe I should explain. I got my goodies from Knit Picks today (drooling), and I must resist the urge to deviate from my master plan.

'What "master plan"?' You ask.

It's a secret. Or, will remain one for 3 or 4 more days. But to be cruel nice, I'll give you the same clues I've given to one of my victims:
  • it's a knit-a-long
  • it's intermediate-advanced level knitting
  • it's a classic project
  • and, it's Oregon themed

No, it is NOT UO Duck intarsia pillows. You have a sick mind, Emily.

As a reward (and possibly, punishment) for their help and sympathetic ears during the Knitting Olympics, I got the same yarn and pattern for two friends that I splurged on for myself. But, I'd be really ECSTATIC if more knitters joined in with us. Sorry to my other knit-buddies for not directly including you. But, I didn't know if: a) you'd be interested AT ALL, and b) how I'd pay for all my knit fiends friends to play with me.

So, I'm hoping to start, yes, a knit-along in late March. The subject and pattern will be announced shortly. My victims should recieve their "invitations" and materials shortly (insert evil cackle here)

No, I am NOT crazy. I am hoping to truly enjoy this project, and I also hope my friends will, too. They have expressed interest in the past on this exact subject. So. We shall see. To prove my sanity, I have chosen an EASY (if big) project. No, it is NOT a sweater. OOH! Look, another clue.

But, until my victims get their goodies and agree to a Cast On Date, I can't play with my yarn and pattern. Mom sat and petted the yarn this morning, which should be a clue. It's even prettier than the picture that was on their website! I'm really pleased. And this totally gets me out of my funk from yesterday.

'What happened yesterday?' You ask.

My response is: 'what DIDN'T happen yesterday?' OY.

I, even though I didn't have ANY classes(!), had to haul my sorry toochis in to school. To get the KO prizes ready for my little ducklings, and to try and get the Guild's trust fund set up.

So. First things first, I checked the Guild email. We're in trouble with the EMU, for "sprawling." And, no I did not get a chance to rectify the problem, so we shall "sprawl" tomorrow (hopefully, unnoticed). We got our first warning in the email. I really don't want to lose our office, so we've got to figure out a new meeting floor-plan.

Then, I went to get the prizes together. No, I won't tell you, it might ruin the surprise. In the end, it cost the Guild $10 more than we wanted. Which might not seem like a lot of money, but for a student group run entirely off of donations, it's a big financial hit. But, at least they're done. Do even ask me about the frustration I endured getting the things together. It was SO OBVIOUSLY designed by a man. Just... it HAD to be.

After that, when I was all sweaty from wrestling with stupid plastic bits that didn't work the way they were supposed to, I went to hunt down the Controllers. We got our commission check from CafePress, and could certainly use the money for Daily Emerald ads (as has been agreed upon).

Issue #1 with this plan: the ASUO Controllers Office has been moved, due to water damage in the student union. I had tried going there on Thurs, but, alas, they were gone. So, after a bit of searching yesterday, I found them all in Century Room A. On the THIRD floor (they WERE in the basement last term...)

Issue #2: The people running this are students, and therefore incompetent. I'm just being honest. I sat there for 1/2 an hour(?) because they only had ONE person there (normally they have 3, and there was a bit of a line. Remember, these are the accountants for ALL the student organizations on campus. ONE person on staff just seems stupid to me. Then, my doctor returned my earlier call (from 3 days ago) right when my turn came up. So, I had to let the person after me go, so I could chat with the Doc. Because Lord knows the next chance I'd have to get ahold of her. So (deep breath). I FINALLY make it to the ONE guy they have working, and what happens? He doesn't "know how to set up a Trust Fund". Nor does the girl he calls in as backup. THEY'RE THE FRICKING ASUO CONTROLLERS!!! HOW CAN THEY NOT KNOW HOW TO SET UP STUDENT ORGANIZATION'S ACCOUNT WHEN THEY MANAGE 100'S OF THEM EVERY DAMN DAY??? So, they sent me BACK to the basement. To talk to the ASUO secretary, or whatever.

Issue #3: The ASUO Secretary does not, either, know how to set up a Trust Fund. Though she VERY KINDLY tried to give me the exact same paper work I had already filled out, AFTER trying to send me back up the the Controllers on the 3rd floor. (Note: I had filled out the required paperwork that morning, in preparation for this odyssey - which, incidentally has a packet of instructions, detailing that student groups applying to get a Trust Fund should visit the ASUO Controllers Office)

Issue #4: The very nice ASUO lady didn't know who to call or what to do, so she called several people, asked for my contact information, and promised to get back to me. So, after a day of running around, we STILL didn't have a Trust Fund (which we can get penalized for NOT having, since we've technically got "funds") and we probably won't have one until the next millenium.

I gave up at 4:40 and tried to catch a bus to go home. Long, long, long trip - with weird guys who leered at me. What was it about yesterday? I crawled into bed when I got home and refused to get out until Bill Mahr was on. Even then, my Dad had to ply me with food.

Now I'm all edgy again. Must be calm. Where did that yarn go? I need to fondle it for a bit.

Here's some good news, I have, as I am nearly 1/2-way thru my revised Olympic goal. Considering that I got maybe 2 hours to knit all week, I'm doing well. Now I am going to go off, fondle my yarn, finish that panta, and maybe watch Bill Mahr again.

At least I don't have to move or do anything until tomorrow.

And, as a reward for sitting thru this rant/ post, I'm gonna give you a picture I took at Herculaenum:

Mosaic of Poseidon and Amphitrite

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