Wednesday, February 22, 2006

keeping my cool ;)

I, like, totally had to reply to this :D
LauraJ said...

Arguing that everything is ritual behavior makes other archaeologists laugh at you behind your back. Any suggestion of 'ritual use' in England 30 years ago or NH now is usually followed by giggles because 'ritual use' means, "really, I haven't any idea." So good for you for thinking of something that makes secular sense. Is this scene connected with the saffron-gathering expedition frescoes? It looks to me like your point that the lost figure is facing the other way is well taken. Knock 'em dead.

To be perfectly honest, I could barely keep from snickering loudly throughout lecture on Monday. Of course, it didn't help that Prof H obviously thinks Marinatos is a loon, and explains her theories in the most sardonic tone possible. "ritual use" = "clueless" ... what a good explanation! It's, like, code. That way you maintain face in front of the non-archaeological community.

I'm pretty certain the saffron picking scene comes from another house in Akrotiri... lemme check...

Nope ( The "Saffron Gatherers" fresco is in Xestre 3. Most people interpret it as a coming-of-age ceremony. Which I've got not qualms with. Though, I do think many historians forget the historical importance of saffron as a dye, spice, and medicinal herb. It ain't just pretty.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I want one of those bell-skirt gowns the Aegean women wore. With a closed bodice, of course ;) I just love the lines of it. It's too bad clothing like that went out of fashion and things like the tunic took it's place. Who was the idiot who invented the corset, anyway???

Oh! And, in knitting news, I cast on and got 2 inches of Mum's panta knit last night. And in my weaving class, I also got so sick of weaving with chenille that I cut off my cloth and left the warp on there for another weaver to work with. I hate chenille. A lot. But at least this time, I actually wove something with it. I have maybe 18" of handwoven chenille shadow-weave, twill, and oddities (I got to the point where I decided that any lever to pull was a good lever...). So, now I need to come up with a project to use it for. I'm torn between a purse and a pillow. Cuz it definitely ain't long enough for a scarf.

And it's past noon now. I need to do my Historiography readings.

I'll post a pic laters.


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