Monday, January 02, 2006

FO!!!: Handspun Shetland Cardigan

OMG! Another thing finished. I am so proud of myself, even if the sweater IS too big and fits like a potato sack! The point is, I actually finished this bloody sweater after forgetting (alias "ignoring") it for about 6 months or so... Anyway, it's entirely handspun (mine!) shetland, which I got from a local breeder. It's all natural colour, except for the sleeves, which I spot over-dyed. But, it's DONE! And, now I can get onto another sweater, which'll actually fit, I think. I'm 2:2 here, but hey!, 2 fit (and I actually WEAR them)! Unfortunately, the sweaters were both handspun... which makes me worry a bit. But, I think it also has to do with the fact that I underestimated the power of "blooming" handspun carries. Heck, I might even wear this one, if I ever don't care about making my waist shorter and my hips wider (rolls eyes), at least it's soft... Oy. Anyway, here's the pic...

On another positive note, I started cleaning up my room today in an effort to get prepared for the new term - and I found more yarn and wool/ alpaca fiber than I remembered having!! Mwahahaha. I also found more books and all sorts of goodies... including my drum carder and handcards and stuff... hehehe (blush).

Oh, I made an ipod cozy last night, but I hate it and it must die - so no pix. I'll post some when I achieve a result I *LIKE*. Posted by Picasa

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