Tuesday, January 03, 2006

new project and podcasts!

Okaaay, I'm so out of the loop sometimes. I knew there were such things as podcasts, but I *didn't* know that there were enough of us knit-geeks out there to actually have knitting & spinning themed podcasts. So, now I am totally subscribed (and back-downloading) to:
Knit Cast (who JUST did an interview w/ Debbie Bliss!!!)
Crafty Chica

Aaand, tonight, while watching X-files with my Mum and brother (who sporadically walked in and out) I started a new project - a raglan pullover! (I swear I am not copying you Vonnie, promise!). I looked up some of my favorite Fishermen patterns, and chose one from my family's area - up around Inverness/ the East Coast. Anyway, here's a pic of the 1st inch:

Hopefully, I won't screw it up too bad. I'll keep posting pix of my progress periodically. Who knows? It might turn out pretty AND fit me at the same time. Most of my sweaters turn out as nice eye-candy but fail the wearable-test. Only time will tell :D

Now, I need to go to bed.

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