Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Grey clouds

Well, slept thru my first class today. Not too worried. First time I've missed it, and Laura can give me the notes. It'll be fine.

The spider is *finally* gone. I have no clue where it went and I really don't care.

I had double weave class last night. Went really well. Nearly have my reed sleyed thru completely. Maybe I'll go and work on that today, It would certainly make me feel better. I'm going to make a purse. The yarns are pistachio and silvery grey. Matches today's sky. While I love rainy days as much as the next person, seeing the sun would be nice. Hear that, Adonai?

Nearly have the first sleeve for my blue sweater done. Then, all I'll need is another sleeve and to finish it. Nearly there! yay. I'd rejoice if I weren't so sleepy. Rainy weather. Eugh.

Great, now I have hiccups. Blech. Onto the knitting I'll go, then. Nothing else to do but study. And that's so obviously less important than knitting.

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