Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the geometry is being mean to me

If I could slur typed words, this post'd look like it was written by a drunken sailor. I am that exhausted. Clue #1: I wandered around for over an hour this afternoon (doing chores), wondering why my right foot felt funny, and then looked down, finally, to see this:

I decided that being barefoot was underrated (it just wasn't worth it to find the mate of either shoe) and I didn't need shoes to work on Mum's shawl, anyway. Here's my progress:

I re-BO the top edge (3 damn tries today, St M can vouchsafe her threat to take it from me if I didn't stop) with much almost-tears, whining, and hair-pulling. I then got the edging put onto nylon thread. It'll fit. Thank g-d. I just need to block it, to make the grafting easier.

After that we had the most original (read: heretical) Pesach Seder ever. Here were our 4 questions:
  1. Why is tonight different from all other nights? Emm is actually eating Thai food!
  2. Why are we reclining on a faux-leather booth in a Thai restaurant? Because we're too lazy/ tired to do an actual Seder! And it's quite comfy, really...
  3. Why, on this night of nights, are we eating rice noodles and rice instead of bread? Because they're not leavened and they came with the meal.
  4. What is this herb, and is it bitter? No, it's hot!
You might have guessed that, instead of pulling out the Haggadot and cooking a large meal, Mum and Dad decided that we would eat out and pretend (I tried, but was overruled). One of the Pepsi's acted as the 4 Cups of Wine. And the peanut sauce was the charoset. Wow, we're Bad Jews.

After that we went and were even Worse Jews, cuz (I tried to convince them to order a gluten-free cake!) we went to The Sweet Life and got dessert. Yeah. Bad boys, especially. I'm gonna try and be good and not eat bread for the remainder of Pesach, but the odds of that are increasingly slim.

Anyway. Mum's given her two week's notice at her job in Olympia - WA state doesn't have medical staffing requirements, so Mum and ONE aid (sometimes, if she's lucky she gets 3) get to handle 60+ patients a night. Wow, that's high quality medical care, eh? So, now Mum and Dad are looking at the Portland area. I'm staying out of it.

Other news... We watched Casino Royale last night (and again tonight), and I have to say it's my favourite of the Bond movies. Oh, heresy, I know. Aside from this Bond's major hotness (whoo!), the realism of the movie was very appealing (like the fact that Bond actually got beaten to a pulp several times and didn't wander through the movie w/o a hair outta place...). It was fun. Long, but fun. Mum said it was truer to the books than any of the other movies, too. So, there ya go.

And, now I am finally going to go to bed.

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