Monday, March 19, 2007

snarky knitters

snark·y /ˈsnɑrki/ [snahr-kee]
–adjective, snark·i·er, snark·i·est. Chiefly British Slang.

testy or irritable; short.
[Origin: 1910–15; dial. snark to nag, find fault with (appar. identical with snark, snork to snort, snore, prob. D, LG snorken to snore) + -y1]
Since the Monday Night Knitters (aka Madame DeFarge's Knitters) have been kicked out of our previous venue, Perugino's, we've been a bit adrift. Many other venues were considered, but most have seating limitations, early hours, or other problems. This evening, we tried the 5th Street Market. Which turned out to be a bust, since everything closed at 7 pm. Joy. It was decided that we'd all move over to Cozmic Pizza, and try again there.

In all fairness, we had been warned that it was Open Mike Night at Cozmic Pizza. But, I think we were all expecting badly written (and performed) poetry, and not karaoke. At first, we were politely distasteful. Then we (well, about half of us, including St M and I) got really loud and really snarky. A couple of times we sang along, off-key, and others we critiqued the singers' skills, etc. And we laughed. A lot. And loudly.

At the time it was funny. Right now I'm worried about the damage we might have done to some of the "performers" egos. At one point, A asked if St M and I were drunk because we were laughing so hard. But, really, who wouldn't laugh when two teenagers are trying to since songs older than they are? (and not succeeding in the slightest, either)

We all left right about when the love songs started up. After getting home, I wound off last night's Aurora into a skein and plied the other bobbin-full. As of tonight, I have 6 skeins done:

I'm getting closer and closer to have a sweater's worth of yarn. Yay! Then I get to design a sweater... Hrm.

Well, that's about it. Not really. But I don't want to write any more. Quickly - I got some really gorgeous lace for the edge of "that Judaica thing" (rejoice!) and some matching blue braiding. It's gonna rock, I think. Hopefully my karma isn't in the negatives after tonight, and it'll work out.

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