Sunday, December 31, 2006

Uber Dork Strikes Again

No quote tonight. Sorry.

My entire stash is quaking in fear, over the possibility that I might choose it for my next project. Why? It's seen what I've done to my projects today.

Lemme see... today I have:
  1. knit, ripped out, and reknit 6" of lace on my stole
  2. had to wash "that Judaica thing" because I am an IDIOT and sketched the embroidery incorrectly. Thank G-d it was water soluble. (it's now resting in the sewing room, likely praying for clemency)
  3. and screwed up the lace swatch for Mum's border (I finally decided that it might be best for me to postpone casting on said border, given my recent knitting catastophes)
On a positive note, I did manage to spin up the yarn for one of my Winter Handspun Swap partners (I have two, so they won't know if it's theirs or not! mwahaha, a way around the surprise rule...). here it is, perfectly blurry to make it even more surprising for the recipient (who, I admit, is likely not reading my blog):

And, oh, look, I spilt my antidepressants all over the floor at some point. Bugger all, I'm going to bed. Hopefully tomorrow won't hate me so much.


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