Friday, December 22, 2006

wherein you will want to take my camera from me (by force if necessary)

"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”
Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
Alpaca and lace would definitely fit Wilde's bill, I think. And mine as well. I'm crap at taking photos (this is why I bribe TheBon with cranberries), but every so often I manage to knit something worthwhile, if only to myself. Lately, I am very pleased with this:

Again, I'm crap at photography, but here's it on my left hand:

As I like to, ah, tweak things (pattern? what pattern?), I accidentally changed the lace (no longer "Campanula", but... "bell"-ish?). But it definitely works. I'm halfway thru making it's match. I'm quite pleased with myself; if only because it fits, is soft and warm, and looks like it would have been worn by Queen Victoria I after Albert's death. Gotta love the black lace.

So, yeah. If someone actually tells me they want the pattern, I shall make every endeavor to write it out (*guilt* hopefully in less time than it took me to write up my panta pattern...). Ye-ah. Anyway. I spent a large chunk of tonight's Channukah festival knitting the 2nd mitt (Dad and I got to man the food table), where my soup was terrifyingly popular (they want mooore) and we ran out of latkes.

I only got one :(

Among the first to arrive and the last to leave, Dad and I were exhausted when we got home and actually got into a fight over who had to get up and put Lady in the Water in the DVD player.

Dad lost.

Movie review? Fan-fricking-tastic. I LOVE M. Night Shyamalan. LOVE his work. This one was just beautiful and just so perfect. Even adults want to believe in fairy tales, he's right in that. I hate to say it, but the movie was almost tender. I just love his work. And, it's something children can definitely watch. Shyamalan compared it to a mix of E.T. and The Princess Bride (among others), and I think it's definitely somewhere in there. I particularly like his usage of old folk tales in the story - references to water nymphs and other elemental forces. Just fantastic.

I don't understand movie critics at all, since they panned it, but I loved it. Mum and Dad were speechless at the end. And thus, I was triumphant (since I had watched it the night before and refused to tell them the end or plot twists).

During the movie, I decided that I wanted to work on clapotis. There are 3 corners now!! Sooooo close to finishing it. Here's a weird shot I couldn't resist taking:

It sorts looks like I was knitting by candlelight, doesn't it? Er, not quite.

Anyway, that's about everything. I didn't finish "that Judaica thing" by this evening, as you likely guessed, but it was raffled off and I promised the winner I'd contact her when it was completed. So, yeah. I'm onto the second row of embroidery duplicate stitching, so that's progress.

I won't even talk about the festival tonight, because it'd just make me angry and frustrated again. I'm glad it worked out and didn't totally collapse, but it was still crazy and ... oy.

Beside the point. Happy Solstice!

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