Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I need an editor or something, seriously. What I meant and was too lazy to write, I admit it was:

I am going to write a tutorial on how to cast on for 2 socks on 2 circulars (in my case, two 22" addi US 1's) using a Clover US3 mini-circular (8"):
  1. I cast on the required stitches for one sock on the mini-circ.
  2. The stitches for a single sock are joined in a circle (an extra stitch is cast on and slipped over the first stitch to join) whilst still on the mini-circ and then transfered to the 2 longer (but smaller in diameter) circulars.
  3. I repeat step 2, to get two socks cast on in the same direction on the two circ needles - something which is reallyreally hard to do otherwise w/o stretching out the stitches (trust me, I've tried), even if you use DPN's. And, since I'm using a US 3 for the CO edge, I can go as small as 6" around on the US1's once I start knitting. The larger needle also provides for a stretchy and elastic cuff, without having to worry about using two needles together or CO 2x as many stitches as needed and K2tog across the first row.
  4. Then, the knitting commences. Should I explain that in the tutorial? I don't want to be a dork. Ha, I am a dork. But, doing the heels on both gets a bit tricky. Otherwise, the knitting goes fairly easily. And, it all matches up :D
Does anyone want to volunteer to edit my tutorial? I have a feeling that I'm gonna need the help... Okay, I am such a dork.

Oh! I am almost done with the most boring socks ever knitted and I just need to do the i-cord on Mum's b-day shawl (yeah, yeah, two weeks late, I know...) and then I'll have two FO's!

And the season finale of Eureka was so sad! Well, bittersweet. I almost/nearly cried. To be honest, tho, I haven't cried over a TV show since Buffy died. How lame am I? Oy.

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