Sunday, October 01, 2006

a little dizzy

but I'm able to post something short. i think. Umm. Updated the sidebar. I finally put up some of those nifty percentage bars that everyone uses. So pretty. I completely stole the code from Emmos' blog. I'm bad, I know.

I've finished the lace panel on the SKB. The 2nd Sock of Doom is over halfway done. Mum's socks are the same. I haven't looked at her shawl in days. But, it would help if she wasn't always around when I'm trying to work on it.

I drove the truck for the first time today. I hate stick-shift. Hate it. But, I'm determined to master it, if only for practical reasons. I managed to drive for an hour and not kill anyone or hit anything. That's progress, right?

I'm completely sucked into The Penultimate Peril (#12 in A Series of Unfortunate Events), which is so comforting as I was beginning to fear I'd lost my ability to read fiction. I couldn't even start Lolita, couldn't get past the first chapter of the Time Traveller's Wife and countless other books. I guess my mind will only engage when it wants to.

I need to go sleep now. We're planning to clean house later. Oy.

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