Sunday, September 17, 2006

knitting karma?

Thank you, Carol, for cheering me on! I did, finally, manage to get the hourglass heels to work after much ripping and reknitting. My savior? Strangely enough, Alison Hansel of the blue blog. I found her tech guy sox pattern (bless Magknits as well) - which had the best instructions I've found anywhere on knitting an hourglass heel. Obviously, I've saved it to My Documents.

I'll post a pic of Mum's sox later. I reallyreallyreally (whine) want to knit something else right now. But, I'm resisting the urge to CO something, since I'll be starting the SKB soon enough. Maybe a hat or something. Emmett was complaining earlier that he had trouble finding hats that fit... there's his b-day gift! Now, I need to search my stash for uber-soft yarn.

And, I have an unseen ep of X-Files to watch, too. Toodles.

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