Friday, July 28, 2006

too popular for my own good

... riiight. (snorking here) I've been invited to do another personal swap on Craftster. And, since I have no ability to deny anyone anything, I've agreed. I just feel so popular ;)

The young lady in question would like a pair of handknit socks. Teeheehee. I just ordered *more* sock yarn, and uh, sock needles. Must be fate.

In other news, I am onto my handspun sox insteps...

And finished another 2 dozen fancy stitch markers today. The silver ones are faux old French Francs (the Swiss have Francs, too, you know) and the gold ones are various glass pearldrops. I'm a-liking them a lot. Especially since I totally culled them from, like, $4 worth of costume jewelry. I'm using two of the glass pearldrop ones on my socks (you can just barely see them). I also have 3+ inches on my Tempting II.

I need to get to work on my POTC swap stuff. I have to finish the t-shirt and other piratey goodies. No, no hints. I could be being stalked right now... and to quote Mad-Eye Moody, "constant vigilance!"

Onto other things :D

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