Friday, July 21, 2006

I have no common sense at all

Really. If I did, I'd be asleep right now. But, since I'm not I'll post some pix of tonight's slightly manic progress on all things knitted...

3 inches worth of sockage; courtesy of 1 hour of CNN, 2 hours of FMA, and maybe 15 minutes of X-Files. After I got sick of stockinette, I decided to tackle a storage problem I'm having.

I swatch religiously. I do. My knitting instructor inscribed "Thou Shalt Always Swatch" on my soul, during the first lesson. So, needless to say, I have a LOT of swatches. I got rid of some by donating them to the Womenspace Afghan. But, they keep being created. I can't use the same yarn over and over again.

And, tonight, during X-Files (the ULTIMATE knitting show, I swear!) a flash of brilliance came to me. Avian Flight made me a photo album for our last swap, and I had planned to use it for my sister's upcoming baby photos (good luck getting them, right?). But, the book also makes a great swatch journal. I grabbed all my current project swatches and threw them in:

with notecards (yarn, gauge, needles, pattern, etc)

I then re-swatched for the Tempting II KAL - since mine had blossomed. A LOT. It looked like gauze, y'all. It was sheer. See my hand?:

The needle size (both for the yarn and the pattern) was supposed to be a US 8. The yarn company swears that the yarn will knit up to 4 sts/ inch on 8's. The pattern calls for 5sts/ inch. Joy. I achieved 4.5, and altered the pattern because I am busty, and decided to try. Then my knitting blossomed to just barely 4 sts/ inch. I decided to re-swatch (other knitters in the KAL also found that they had to use US 5's to get the correct gauge) and then rip.

Now, after 11" of K1P1 ribbing, I am back to the beginning:

Several balls of yarn.

Ahwell. Life goes on. Now, I need to sleep. Or, at least, achieve horizontality.

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