Sunday, July 23, 2006

pardon me

... as I slowly succumb to gravity. I'm tilting just a wee bit to the right. Sadly, this is not alcohol-induced. I suppose the antibiotics could ... nah.

I just finished setting up the Handspun Swap. Everyone has a partner, their partner's info, In-Progress feedback, and the swap has been moved to the appropriate board. I am so brain numb. I had to wait until a couple of hours after dark to get anywhere near my computer.

It was 100F outside today. My room, where my laptop is, was probably about that. The A/C unit is at the other end of the house, where I huddled all day, knitting and spinning away. I got all my manymany knitting needles organized. Just, wow, to that. And I untangled all my knitting projects. I also worked on several projects, switching as I got sick of the pattern or my eyes blurred at anything smaller than 4 sts/ inch. So, here's some progress:

My Tempting II, re-cast on with US 5's. And 6 inches worth of handspun socks. woohoo.

And, good news of GOOD news, I recieved my Sew/Knit/Crochet swap package this afternoon! It contained (woot!) a hand-crocheted wool rug (similiar to the one in One Skein) AND another knitting bag (woooot!). Yummies. The rug is intended to be put under my spinning wheel this winter. And it fits perfectly:

It was just too hot to carry my wheel to my room and stage a photo-op. But, rest assured, the rug matches my Deco loveseat perfectly. I am so thrilling with it! My mother and father were quite impressed with it. And mentioned that they finally thought swaps were worth it. Mum, the artist, also commented on the colour-sense of the piece.

Wow, a family winner all around. I just love how soft and cushy it is :D All is well, in my world.

Once I recieve word that Avian Flight recieved my goodies, I'll post pix of them. But, now, I think I need a veryvery cold shower. Sitting in my room is... warm. Fun.


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