Wednesday, May 31, 2006

now that's just mean

Wow. Some people are truly spiteful. I sold two of my knitting books on eBay, and was the buyer not happy on an epic level. Shite.

I shipped the books at the same time as two other packages (can't remember if they were swap or books) when the PO was swamped, so they got sent as media mail instead of priority. That's not my fault. I did manage to get DC#'s on everything, which was nearly impossible. I've offered to refund the difference. Please excuse me for trusting the PO and not harassing them.

The buyer just left some really nasty comments as feedback, without waiting for an explanation. Also, s/he left comments about there being "stickers and writing" in the books. They're USED books! I lent them to students on many occassions. I don't recall anything horrendous in them. Heck, I don't recall anything other than the "Property of" stickers in the front (which I didn't remove, cuz that would have ruined the insides). But, I know that the books were in better condition than any USED coursebook I've bought at the school bookstore.

So, now my 100% positive feedback is ruined, because someone felt bitchy. Nice.

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