Monday, May 29, 2006

baby booties!

I present to thee, minty baby booties!
(thank you for the name, Crimson)

Got them finished a couple of hours ago (with matching buttons! squee!). I even found MATCHING all cotton thread in my grandmother's thread collection. Trust me, collection. If you gave me a colour, I could match it I bet. There's the zipper I'm putting in tomorrow (squees again). I need to finish up the collar tonight... That mound on top is the matching spiral hat I'm making.

Ohohoh! Ashley, I figured it out. If you take the raglan pattern for two (but knit it in the round) and apply a 3/4 fraction to it, you can knit her raglan with Paton's Cotton Top. (That's how I figured out the booties, and winged the sweater)

Also, in the pic, is Miss Lizzy's Spencer. Had you thought I'd forgotten it?


I have another inch done, and the lace pattern written out on graph paper, so I can knit it in lecture now (mwahaha). Maybe I can get to the sleeve decreases tomorrow...? Should I do a yoke decrease or a raglan? I've never done a yoke sweater before, so it'd be interesting... Does a raglan fit the Empire figure? I think so (anyone?). I guess that's another thing to ponder.

I HAD to post these, thanks to TheBon and Ja:
Eugene Weekly Theater review (w/ pic of puck's pants!)
The Register Guard's Midsummer review and Art Review (more info on the show and actors, s'cool)

That's all for now.

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