Monday, March 06, 2006

how DO you post files to blogger??

I feel both flattered and guilty right now, cuz I promised months ago that I'd post the pattern for my Gauzy Wrap Sweater (which I completely modelled off of a Benetton sweater I LIVE in during summer):

I probably would have gone on, forgetting that, until this:
thegerbb stitched...

I first saw your wrap on crafster and I fell in love with it! It's absolutely gorgeous. You're an amazing knitter. Will you be posting your pattern soon--I can't wait!

So. I MUST remember to write that pattern up. I have it all in my knitting journal... in my very strange shorthand. I'll try and get that done sometime this week. I have to prepare for a presentation on Wed, but after that I have some breathing space.

Heck, I need to make up a better copy of the pattern so I can make that other one I started... hehehe, (guilt). Me? Scatter-brained? Never.

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