Saturday, March 04, 2006

felting party

Well, today was a weird day when it comes to time and activities. I got up at 2 pm (yes, I know) cuz I was reallyreally tired and slept thru my alarm. Anyway, I got up to go in and take my GEOL 306 test. I think I did pretty well. I got a 55%, which is a C. Not to bad for a non-science major, I think. For some reason I have a mental block with Earthquakes. I got most of the Volcanology questions right, which saved my grade in the end.

Anyway, after I came home Emily came over for a "felting party". The sweater she knit for the Knitting Olympics, Rogue, was HUGE. Finished, it was 31" across. So, that's 62" around??? She followed the 48" pattern exactly, except for a placet for steeking (which we subbed out), and it was still too big. Here she is in it:

Here's it being felted, just because WOW look at the overdyedness...

And here it is after being felted. It was a bit strange. It shrank circumference wise, we decided to stop at 25", but the sleeves were still too long and too big! It was as if they didn't felt at all. The heck? Anyone have any suggestions? We can't hem the sleeves because of the cuff cable details. Ugh!

Well, at least, it wasn't big enough to be a dress any longer... Emily's going to try and block it to a more comfy size and we'll see how that works. She's a bit worried she won't wear it because it's so heavy (just under 2lbs of wool!!!), and I'm thinking it'll have to be used as an outdoor sweater coat.

Anyway, I am 1/3 of the way thru my raglan's 2nd sleeve, and really want to finish it and attach it tonight. Probably won't, but one can dream.

And, oh thank g-d!, it turns out I don't have to TURN IN my paper on Wednesday (thank g-d!! and thank Prof J), I only have to present a 20 minute thing w/ handout on my topic. I can fill twenty minutes with anything. I am one of those people that OCD overprepares for public speaking. Did I ever mention my "20 minute" guest lecture in Prof J's Gender and Sex in Antiquity course? She asked me to come in and speak on Greco-Roman women's work, cloth production, etc. I ended up speaking for over an hour. Admittedly, I was answering questions... but, still, it was weirdly time-warped. I hope she stops me if I start to do that again.

So, knitting instead of reading, which should help supress this migraine I've had for the past week.

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