Thursday, March 02, 2006

remain calm

Where's my copy of Hitchhiker's???

Don't Panic

I have my GEOL midterm #2 on Sat, worth 30% of my grade. Have I completed the readings yet? No. 12 chapters!! Where the heck have I been?? I know I've been doing homework... how could I have missed 12 chapters?

I have a seminar paper (10 - 15 pages on the Numidian Cavalry) due on Wednesday, with presentation material. I haven't even gotten halfway thru the research yet. Why did I switch my topic in week 6?? Where the hell was my brain???

I also have my art history paper (5 pages, eh!) due on March 15. At least that's something I can whip out quickly. But I need to find time to drop by Prof H's office and get my topic approved.

Okay, all my previous euphoria is completely gone. It's complete vanity, I know but I just found out yesterday that I've lost over 10 pounds since my last doctor's visit in Dec. I actually wanted to get on the scale this time! My pants are all slipping off. Which means I must go shopping at some point in the future! (mwahaha) Dad freaked at that, btw.

So, now I must go off to the academic salt mines and try and perform 3 miracles. Wow, mixing the metaphors today.

And, I must remember: Don't Panic

Easy as pie, eh?

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