Friday, March 03, 2006

Quick update and the unveiling of the mystery KAL

Okay. I am halfway thru my GEOL homework. Only 6 more chappies to go. Which translates to about 100 or so pages? Onward!

The Mystery KAL is (drumroll please) my Oregon Coast Snowdrop Shawl KAL. I am posting this now because I just recieved confirmation that Vonnie's package has arrived. I'm hoping we're going to do the Yarn Harlot's Snowdrop Shawl, knit with Knit Pick's Shadow lace weight yarn in the colourway "Oregon Coast." Anyone want to join us? It's an easy pattern (I'm not crazy, y'all) knit on US 6's. I chose the pattern because both Vonnie and I want to do a lace project, and Emily mentioned wanting to do a Knit-A-Long. So, here we are.

Aaand, I just love comments, so I have to reply...
LauraJ said...

Honestly, does anyone even know 15pp about the Numidian cavalry? What are you using for sources? Best of luck!

4:16 PM


Thank you! They tricked me into thinking it was possible. Not anyone I've found has had that much to say, other than they were fearsome riders. I think I'm using (so far) Sallust, Polybius, Livy, the Oxford Classical Dictionary, and anything I can find in Perseus. Oh, and I have some ancient weaponry books SOMEWHERE around here...
Crimson said...

Though it has nothing to do with art history, it might make you feel better to know I'm wearing my classics department shirt, whose front reads The only good language is a dead language. The back has a little gravestone that says R.I.P. Latin Greek

9:45 AM

I want that t-shirt. Do they, like, have a website or cafepress shop?? Heck, maybe I should just make one...
Have to go read boring chappies. Toodles.

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