Sunday, January 01, 2006

Shetland Cardigan - oops?

This is so beyond embarassing, let me tell you. (I am blushing so badly right now...)

My mum asked me to keep her company tonite while she was walking on the treadmill, and since I had finished my Spencer, I went into my stash to find yarn and needles to start another project. Little did I know that I'd find a sweater begging to be finished. All that remained was to finishing knitting the 2nd sleeve (which was half done) and sew it all up, etc. So, I brought it all downstairs and finished the sleeve and then steamed and seamed it (well, the shoulders and sleeves... still need to do the sides). Here's a pic of me steaming the pieces...

What makes this sweater even more embarassing, well that I forgot it, is that it's also knit up with my handspun and handpainted yarn. Aaaand, I started it 9(?) months ago... Gawd, I have the memory of a gnat. Well, it should be done by Mon, at the latest. I might even get it done tonite, depending on my interest level. Below is a pic of it partially assembled. I'm trying to decide if I want to do a crocheted border around the collar and down the front (I'm gonna insert a zipper, not buttons -bleh!), or if I should do an i-cord border...

I'll decide that tomorrow, well later today, I guess. I think I'll bring it in to the knitting meeting and get the other gals' opinions. I definitely want to make it zippered, but I'm having issues deciding on finishing stuff. I'm not certain if I want to try embroidery floss for the side seams...

decisions, decisions.

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