Thursday, December 15, 2005

WIP: Regency Spencer Shrug (6)

One sleeve down! Another to go, and then onto finishing. I'm out of yarn, so I have to spin some more. I'm sooo lazy sometimes. I have, like, 3 more oz of wool/silk to spin - which should be enough for a 1/2 sleeve...

I am soooo annoyed, by the way. I went to the Valley River (local mall) with my mom today (looking for atrocious purses, for the TSPR, and we found them, yuck); but, anyway, and I saw tooooons of Spencer-like garments. Most of them were horrid stretch denim or sheer poly, but still! Why is it that whenever I start to make something (that I think will be unique) pop culture does the same exact thing?!?

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