Tuesday, December 13, 2005

clearing out my stash

slowly but surely, I try to get ready for grad school. I've sold 2 - 3(?) looms already. And just listed another, a structo artcraft table jack-loom. The last one I sold went for over $200, which was fabulous since I got it for $25. I hope this one does alright, because I'm going to use the money to help pay for my Navajo Country trip. My parents have agreed to help, and I paid the first installment of the tuition, using money from selling my last loom.

It's going to be great! (well, I hope). Me and 2 UO grad students and a UO staffer are going to road trip it!! We've already mapped out our trip route and have agreed to hit the Grand Canyon and some other points of interest. Oh! I hope it goes well. A week and a half in the Southwest. It sounds amazing.

This cheers me up a bit since my previous failure. But, I shall move forward. I'm signing up for Volcanology and Earthquakes instead of Chem next term. I hope so, anyway. I took the Fossil Record (aka dinosaurs and Neanderthals) from the same professor and really enjoyed it (and got a really good grade...).

Anyway, still need to knit up the two sleeves for my Regency Spencer Shrug (so close! so close!), and I've also started (since I'm crazy) another shrug (alpaca!!!) and another chemo cap (with "Splash"). I'll put pix up laters.

OH! Mum and Dad are taking me to King Kong tomorrow, to make me feel better. Thank g-d they didn't guilt trip me. Hell, Dad flunked out of community college... twice, I think. And then he ended up with a PhD from Harvard... I guess anything's possible. Just need to "keep moving forward" as my Dad says. And I think I shall.

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