Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the stars have aligned

Or something.

I am completely screwwed no matter which way I try to arrange my classes for next term. I have 2 classes that I am required to take, and they're at the same time! And, to try and exchange them, they interact with 2 more classes that are required! Why? Because the Kosmos are against me, or something!

I hope my department will let me exchange a seminar class for a the standard In Translation one. Even then, I'll still be at 20 creds, and probably will go outta my mind. So far I'm signed up for:
Art History 422: Aegean Art (which I've waited 2 YEARS! for...)
Art History 323: Art of Ancient Rome
Classics 407 Seminar: Historiography
Chemistry 222: General Chemistry

And I still haven't signed up for my Museology course! Eugh! I'm totally freaked as to what I should take. I need to talk to my advisor. That'll work. I think she has office hours today... hmm. I have 1/2 an hour to make it before Chem. I think I'll run over there for advice.

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