Monday, November 14, 2005

Knitting Books

Hmmm....there are so many options. I haven't bought a book in awhile, but I can recommend a few:

  • Anything Debbie Bliss: Her stuff is really awesome and really easy to knit. I especially love her beginner baby knits book because it teaches how to knit and has really awesome patterns that can easily be adapted to more difficult patterns for color or cabling. The only downside to her books are her stuffed animals, because she tends to write her patterns like how a person sewing would make them and the poor little animals become far too complicated for their own good.
  • I really love the new Dale of Norway Baby book. I haven't tried any of the patterns, but it is beautiful to look at and is very good for inspiration. Unfortunately, it is rather an expensive book and it does have baby things on size 0 and it would cost over $50 to make a single baby sweater. I love it, but I know it is impractical.
  • I recently relooked at my Christmas Stockings book by Interweave. I think it is really pretty and has patterns for all levels of knitters. A class that was taught down at the yarn shop was really popular that was all on knitting designer Christmas Stockings out of leftover stash. I got out my stocking book to "borrow" a design out of it for my wristlets I'm making for my grandmother. I showed it to Sarah and she has promised to stock it.
I can't think of any other books at the moment. I will have my eye out, but I really love individual patterns now too. Knot Another Hat carries a lot of individual patterns and Knitty is also fun to look at. I like things that inspire me and give me ideas to design my own patterns. I hope this list has helped a little.

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