Sunday, November 13, 2005

Twisted Sisters Explained

It is definately a book for expert fibers people. It covers everything that a person with a fibers background needs to know. It doesn't require that you have size four yarn because she has a whole section on designing socks for your own feet, including gauging your yarn from WPI to stitches per inch. The pattern that she uses in there is an example of what she uses for her feet. The reason why it does not cover mini circulars (is there a book that covers mini circulars?) or two circulars is that the book was written before two circulars had become popular. The book can't exactly change with time like the internet. It is a comprehensive book on a number of aspects, from sheep to socks.

I really love her book and though I do believe that you have the right to believe differently I do think that it is unfair to put it on the same list as Stitch n Bitch and others of that sort as being unrecommended. Besides most books and patterns now have errata that fix mistakes that were accidentally put into them. Stitch n Bitch does also and fixes minor details. Since I have been down at the yarn shop I hear Sarah tell people all the time to check out websites for books or that patterns that she sells individually often have to have extra things printed out in order to make them work. That's why it is always important to check out the book's or the publisher's website before starting a pattern. This is just my opinion, but I think that it might be important to realize for beginners and all knitters alike.

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