Monday, November 14, 2005

Re: Twisted Sisters Explained

My puter must be acting up, because your post totally didn't show up until this morning! Ack. Otherwise I would have responded before posting...

To make us both happy, I've listed it under "ADVANCED". I just don't think it's a book for newbies or the light of heart.

Hmm. I'm trying to organize my opinion. There are several things about Twisted Sisters that bother me. One is that it's touted as the book to learn to spin/knit your own socks. I don't think it is. There's no adaptation for men's socks, which require narrower ankles, or sizing for babies. I guess it bothered me that it was almost incomplete. It seemed a bit rushed and garbled. Her description of how to do a Kitchner Stitch is confusing. I prefer Ann Budd's. No, it's not at all like Stitch'n'Bitch - oh, . I'm just a bit disappointed by it, to be honest, I have such a vaulted opinion of Vogel's work - and I thought this book fell short. Everyone thinks of it as the sock bible, but I thought she could have done so much more - with better sizing descriptions and fuller charts, etc. I also would have liked her to write out the patterns completely (tho this might have been the editors) and not have to flip back and forth to find a heel and toe pattern.

I'll admit, I *was* inspired by the pictures. But, my approval for the book lessened over the past 6 months, where I've had numerous knitters/Guild members approach me with questions after looking thru it.

And while I admit that publishers are entitled to make mistakes, there IS a limit. If it'll take them one month longer to get the bugs out, I'll happily wait. I'm sick of all the mistakes. I spend $30 a book, on average. I think I'm entitled to something I can reference, without having to check the WEB to make sure it's right! It's just soooo frustrating. I'm mostly thinking of Stitch'n'Bitch here, tho. If they had *taken* that extra month, maybe fewer people would give up in frustration, or I wouldn't have to *rewrite* patterns every week for people to use.

Anyway, if you have other book suggestions for the good, the bad, the ugly - or just advanced, lemme know! Lists are FUUUUN.

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