Saturday, November 12, 2005

Whirlpool Day!

What a day!!!

I have been running all day! First a Crockpot Dyeing workshop, which was lovely btw, and I'll have more photos up soon. I did the Whirlpool palette. On 12 oz of ultrafine Merino (19 microns! droooool). I also tried some raspberry on my angelwings(50/50 cotton/silk) when I got home.

You'll love this method, Lav'sheep!!!! All you do is fill the crockpot with water 2/3 up and then squish as much wool as you can in (about 8 oz - I painted the other, paler, 4) and then pour the powdered dye in, 1/2 teaspoon or more - in as many colours as you want! It's soooo cool! No measuring or anything! Yummmms.

Then, I went to lunch with EweSpinster and then she came over and I helped her clean a fleece. And, then after dinner, we hauled ass to Ben Franklin - cuzzzz, they were having a SALE!!!!! YES! ((does a little dance))

Guess what I bought! Guess!

I got Vogue Knitting for 40% off --> $23 instead of $39! Yay!

And some other goodies as well. Mwahaha. Bless E/S for giving me tha coupon...

Now, I am sitting (blessed be!) and watching FullMetal Alchemist with my bro. We're on episode 42. Well, HE is. I'm still on ep. 24 or something. I totally missed the start of the Ishbalan War. Let's not even go there... Oh, such tragic music Anyway. Long day.

And tomorrow promises to continue this trend. I promised to teach a girl from the workshop today how to spin worsted yarn. Eugh. First I'll actually have to remember how to! Then, I can do that. Maybe, if I'm lucky, she'll shpw up NEXT week.

Marleda's Crocheted Metal Jewelry workshop tis omotrow. I need to get my materials together. Oy. Anyway. I think that's enough of an update, tonight.

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