Tuesday, November 15, 2005

blessedly numb

Well, I've returned from my academic counseling session. I missed Chem because it took so long. The good news is that I can take all the courses I want and they'll finish off my degree requirements. The bad news is that I can take all the courses I want and will have to find a way to schedule 20 credit hours into my life next term. I may as well reserve my straight-jacket now.

I can't think at all right now. I was going to try and get a jump-start on my Costume History term project, but I'm just so... blank. Hm. I need to make a list of terms to research. But, there's really no point. I have to meet Emily for dinner and class in 20 minutes. Oy. I have to be intelligent and stuff soon - otherwise I'll weave my bag to itself, which would reallyreally suck.

I got 6 oz of my over-dyed Shetland done last night. I will *finally* be able to finish my sweater!! Maybe I can have pix up by the end of the week. I haven't done any knitting in so long. Eugh. We spent the morning scouring the house - making it fit for human habitation again. Then I ran a whole bunch of rather pointless errands. Now, here I sit in my Guild's office killing time. What a strange life. I mean, honestly, how many people have the luxury of getting nothing done all the time? I feel like I rarely achieve anything society values - good grades are nice, but are hardly tangible. And knitting is a craft.

American luxury is awe inspiring sometimes, when I think about it. We have so much, and rarely realize it. I mean, c'mon, electricity is just over 100 years old and we can't live without it. Computers are even younger and they're our lives. It's just amazing how fast life moves, but how little I seem to get done.

Maybe I'll achieve something tomorrow.

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