Thursday, February 01, 2007

pure silliness

Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends.
Alexander Pope
Walked 3 miles today. Visited TKS. Bought a Lantern Moon wrist bag in pink taffeta. Love it. Highly recommend it.

St M came over for dinner and dyeing tonight. We're playing with the banana silk and cotton dyes. We went for a walk to get me chocolate (none in the house) for medicinal purposes and took Charlie with us. Charlie made a friend, named Duffy, along the way. Duffy followed us home. We called Duffy's human friend (aka "owner") who was worried about Duffy. We took Duffy inside to wait.

St M feeding Duffy a cookie:

Movie of Duffy and Charlie chasing each other, whilst St M knits away:

Duffy's owner showed up, he and Duffy demonstrated several tricks and offered to fix our furnace should we ever need it :D Then we went back to knitting...

I finished another Chemo Cap,
modeled here,

and here,

by St M.

I've assigned everyone their partners for the Hogwarts Houses Swap, made that pollo pomodoro soup, and made it to my Peace Corps dental eval today. I'm calling it a night. Loodles.

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