Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I twisted my ankle today and am watching it with detached and vague horror as it slowly swells. So, no mileage for the sidebar today. Also, I didn't manage to get to the Post Office, since the roads were all icy (joy!), so my Winter Handspun Swap packages are late :(

I'm also nearing the finish line with my Tea Time Swap package. I received mine today:

  1. a teapot/cup combo
  2. 2 quilted teapot flannel potholders
  3. a flannel wrister
  4. a teapot deco'd measuring tape
  5. and the yummiest tea I've had in a while. Who knew Jasmine Green tea was so good? It's from Israel, too, which rocked when I saw that...
Anyway, yeah. Not much done today, since I spent most of the day with my foot propped up. Blaaaah, so boring.

Just watched the first 4 episodes of Band of Brothers. I finally decided that I wanted to know what happened before the last 2 (the only ones I'd seen). I dragged Mum and Emmett into them, too.

The wrapped raglan for baby T is going well and I have a plan for a couple of gifts for D.

I think that's everything I'll be able to come up with. Other than these 3 cool links:
Sheep Beats
The BBC Sheep game
Black Sheep - The Movie (I totally have to see this, y'all)


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