Friday, November 24, 2006


“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?”
Steve Jobs
Well, ain't that the truth. Everyone, deep down, loves a pirate. And, I get to display my love with the coolest new iPod skin (actually, it's my first skin, but who's counting?) I got today whilst cavorting around town with Opus and her Mum (avoiding our relatives, turkey, and Black Friday shoppers):

It has SKULLIES!! And, I got it on sale (50% off! *squee*) at Claire's of all places. I nearly died when they told me the price (and did a little jig). But, in counterbalance, I spent more too much money at both The Knit Shop and Ben Franklin Crafts. I got the Addi's for the Dalebarn Sweater of Doom at TKS, and the yarn (omg! clearance) and DPN's at BFC. You cannot know my excitement over the DPN's - a set of 5 aluminum 8" US 0000/ 1.25 mm. I can't wait to try out Elizabethian stockings on them. (Please don't email me with comments along the lines of "you're crazy" -> because, yes, we have already established this).

But, yeah. Stockings! I bet I could get down to 20 sts to the inch on those, if I tried. Anything above 15 will rock my stockings ;D

Opus, as usual, hinted that I needed to get along with my The Joy of Knitting book idea. I guess I'll be writing out the table of contents at some point this week. She also insisted that I should open a yarn store. Riight. I think I'll wait on that one. But, I do need to get back to my writing projects. I have planned for some time to write out articles for Spin-Off and Handwoven on various topics, and need to just sit down and write them. If you want to come over and poke me, I'd appreciate it.

I think I'm going to go and cast on the scarf I wanted to make with that yarn. Mindless knitting sounds so nice right now. Most likely because I'm operating on 5 hours of sleep (trying to get back on schedule here, as I've been falling asleep at 6 - 7 am for the past 3 days). I'll... go do that, I guess (must. not. sleep. yet...)

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