Monday, September 25, 2006

well, there's something positive

Finally, finally!, at around 8 pm tonight I joined my SKB in the round:

And here's a scale version - ie on me:

I was getting a bit frustrated because I had to do not one, but 8 additional increases! Yes, I know I am busty, but sometimes it's just ridiculous. Sheesh. I also know that I look slightly ridiculous in the photo - wearing layers may not be the cleverest thing for pictures. But, on a positive note, you can totally tell that the diet is sorta working. At least my pants are loose ;D

My sock wars assassin is totally going to kill me. OMG. She says she should be able to send by Wednesday. And, since I didn't manage to get to a yarn store today, I still haven't cast on. That's just embarassing. Ohwell.

I'm to page 3(?) of Harry Potter y la piedra filasofal right now. It's taking me a lot longer to read it in Spanish. I'd forgotten how long it takes for me to translate. Well, anything other than, like, Italian, anyway. I need to review my Spanish grammar. Badly.

In Local News, it has been finally proven that I am a COMPLETE and TOTAL flake. I can't believe I've done this twice, but yep I have. I forgot, AGAIN, to pick up M to go to Madame DeFarge's Knitters. She called me after 7, probably wondering if I was dead or alive, and I felt like the biggest prat in existence. Oy. I need to start, like, using my planner.

I should go an work on Mum's shawl or sox, since I have nothing remotely interesting to write...

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