Tuesday, May 09, 2006

my first relapse

Ooops? I didn't just fall off of the wagon, I jumped. Alright? I admit it, even to myself.

Tuesday night is usually weaving night, but class was cancelled this term. Despite this, Emms and I still meet on Tuesdays to weave, or knit. So, we met tonight. And, me feeling caged, I suggested we go out to dinner instead of eating campus food. We finally agreed on Applebee's. Unfortunately, right next to Applebee's is Ben Franklin Crafts.

Because this might be puzzling to some readers, I feel I must explain - our Ben Franklin's knitting section is run by a former yarn store manager (don't ask), and it's fricking amazing.

Emms is soooo my enabler. She suggested that maybe we could go by "quickly", so she could check the clearance isle for natural fiber yarns. At first, we were horrified by some of the weird Berrocco and Patons mixes:

But, when Emms suggested we go thru the shelves "systematically" I was fVcked. Royally. They had FIZZ marked down to $1.99 a ball (it's normally $7.99)! And Squiggle for $4.99 (oh, Crystal Palace, my love!). And, then she found the worst, which made me dive and gasp with awe when I saw it. This:

Of course, it's French. Damn them and their seductive yarns!

The peacock blue is a rayon/linen blend, caged with silver threads in a nylon knit wrap. It's normally $12.50 a ball. I got each for $2.34. It's sooooo soft and stretchy and it glows. I MUST make a summer tank or bolero with it. Emily and I cooed over it for a while. They had 5 balls of it, too! I'm kicking myself, because they had a couple of other colours, which I didn't grab. Dad's actually offered to take me by tomorrow to get the rest. Okay, he's another enabler. I should make a list, or something.

So, now my stash (already too big and overflowing) is 8 balls bigger:

Someone kick me.

At least I only spent $20, right?

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