Thursday, May 25, 2006

"ancient cultures" sent

Okay, I doubt CosmicCranberry reads my blog, but if she does - she CANNOT look at the rest of this post! Bad crafty karma! Beware!

I am such a ditz. I had it in my head that the Ancient Cultures send-out day was May 27, this Saturday. It was today, which thankfully, I found out yesterday.

This morning Dad asked me if I wanted to help him pick out a digicam for Mom, for Mother's Day. While I am annoyed with her and all, I'm not cruel enough to leave the shopping to Dad (on so many levels). We went to Costco, and Dad showed me the camera he was looking at for her. I gave my nod of approval (it's a nice little Olympus, that she hopefully can't destroy) and I even tracked down an xD memory card for it (Dad was a bit clueless on this).

Dad and I got lunch, and I dragged him to Michael's (insert evil hiss here), so I could grab d-rings for the bag I made for the AC swap. They didn't have d-rings big enough (blast!) so I grabbed some that were smaller, but matched, and some embroidery floss (my plan will become apparent soon...). We checked out and Dad promised to pay my tuition (and it looks like my petition was approved, since there was a fee there) when he dropped me off.

So, in a bit of a rush, I finished everything off this afternoon - meaning the bag and bookmarks. On a side note, I love my PHYS professor, because I sat hand-sewing the handles on and making tassles during lecture and he didn't bat an eye. How cool is that? Most people wouldn't handle that well...

So, here is my finished package:

One messenger bag made with Egyptian hieroglyphic tapestry fabric (actually from a tomb, y'all!), "Monarchs of the Nile" because she requested a history of the Egyptian kings, some "faience" jewelry (necklace and 2 matching earring sets), and 2 laminated bookmarks (with purple and blue tassels, her fav colours) that say "Megan" in hieroglyphics.

I reallyreallyreally hope she likes it all.

And, yes, I did take this picture during the break in my PHYS lecture. No one said anything, which made it that much funnier.

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