Saturday, April 01, 2006

latin cures all

Well, I have another reason to hate the UO Bookstore now - added to the list that is now longer than I am tall... When I looked up my coursebooks, they estimated the total cost to be $178; but, at the checkout the tag was $285!

That's a hundred dollars OFF estimate! I. shall. not. swear.

But, I reallyreallyreally want to.

So, to comfort myself, I went to Borders and bought the latest Mediaeval Baebes CD, "Mirabilis" (yes!! welsh, gaelic, and latin!!), and I found, completely by accident (in the Opera section...?) "Medieval English Music" by the Hilliard Ensemble for $7.99 - score! All but 3 songs on it are in Latin. Cooooolies. So, I am currently converting them to MP3's to put on my iPod... yummies.

Anyway, at least the line at the UO bookstore wasn't toooo long (thank g-d I went today), and they had all my books in - which might actually be a first, now that I think about it.

I also found the coolest lockable steel box (for pencils), pic'd right with my knitting tools in it. It has a little pocket and elastic band in it, and it's felt-lined - oh, and covered in striped pink cloth. I am sooo stoked, because I doubt that my DPNs will manage to poke holes thru this case. Let's see 'em try. Also, next to it, is the "Children of Lyr" lace stole I'm sporadicallu working on.

Oh, Crimson!, I nearly forgot to reply :D In winter the lowest it gets here is mid-30's, but we average mid 40's and 50's. It's very mild. Rains a lot. Quite boring. I don't think I want to ever live in the Midwest. Everything I've heard sounds like the weather's awful (my Grandma grew up and lived in Missouri...). But, I grew up in DC, so I can't really be too picky about weather...

Anyway, I need to work on those ROUSes, clean my room, and transfer these MP3's to my iPod (which relates rather directly to housecleaning, actually).

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