Thursday, March 30, 2006

the Hood River Chronicles, day 5

Okay, I totally felt like an extra from White Fang today. Seriously. How does one explain to their bodies such a complete enrivonmental turn-around?

We left the Gorge to go on a little drive and decided on a lark to go up to Parkdale. Then we decided to try and find some snow. Which, I totally couldn't believe. I mean, it's almost April... snow?? If we were higher up in the Cascades, I'd think it possible. Yeah, I guess people still go skiing (boy, were they), but it goes against my preconceptions about seasons.

Anyway, after an hour's drive (or so) we ended up on Mt Hood. Yeah, that mountain ;)

Here's a pic from the drive up:

I actually fell thru a snow embankment and was up to my knees in snow. MY KNEES. Does anyone else find this odd?? It was totally cool! I'm not complaining. But, it was certainly weird. I think it's funny when we get snow in February.

I put up more pix of the little road trip here.

No, I did not go skiing. I have veryveryvery bad knees and ankles. Born bad, and made worse over time. But, I did play a bit with V and B. Check the album.


Sorry, can't comprehend it. Really, can't. People were up there snow-boarding, and skiing, and taboganning - in March. 2 days before April Fool's.

Too weird for a "southerner" like me, I suppose.

Oh, and Timberline Lodge and Gov't Camp were the places we visited.

I didn't get ANY knitting done ... I was too busy being fascinated by the powdered white stuff outside the car... IT WAS SNOWING!! (BTW). OMG. I haven't seen snowflakes in... well, a very long time. We've been in Eugene for nearly 5 years, and they get maybe a snow storm a year, and it NEVER sticks. So, this was way exciting.

And very strange... compare yesterday's sunny pix (of B and me in t-shirts...) and today in winter clothes. Too weird.

Anyway. I bought two skeins of cream coloured soy silk (yay!!) to make a Chiton tank-top, and a ball of pima/tencel for a panta. I hop a train back to Eugene tomorrow.

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