Wednesday, March 22, 2006

so close I can taste it

Freedom is just out of reach. So close

I have my first draft done. 10+ pages, plus 2 pages of works cited. I shall edit them tomorrow. I've sent them to myself in PDF, justincase!!, and don't want to think about the paper anymore. My thesis changed a bit, but I still fulfilled Prof J's reqs that it compare the two texts and make an arguement. The paper is due at 5pm tomorrow today actually.

I cannot wait for all this crap to be over. I am actually having a break-out crisis. For the first time in months, possibly years, I have a zit. I blame it on the stress. Just - eugh!!

And, incidentally, Dad who is quite well versed (scholar and prof and all) read my paper - yeah the "c" one! - and I could hear him roaring with laughter a floor away. He came upstairs and told me my true calling was actually acupuncture since I was so good "at hitting nerves." He, not me, stated that Prof H put more red ink on my paper than I did with the original black.

So, obviously, it's not just me. He stated that it was abnormal for a professor to spend so much time and energy on a paper. So, yeah. I'll email Prof H later. I swear.

Dad also suggested I "tighten it up" and submit it to a journal, so ha!

Now, I just want to sit here and not think in either English, Greek or Latin. What channel is Telemundo?

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